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Ella ger mig zen-ögonblick - en hälsokontroll på morgonen. Hon hjälper mig att ta kontroll över min situation snarare än att låta den mycket långa listan över alla andras krav översvinna mig.

Kim, CFO, Lund Gruppen


Ella hjälper mig att reflektera. Hon hjälper mig att tillämpa det jag har lärt mig från de många ledarskapsutvecklingsprogrammen jag har deltagit i genom att bygga en bro mellan mina tankar och vad jag faktiskt gör i mitt dagliga arbete.

Jeanet, Regional Director, Wästbygg

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ELLA is good for everyone, including employees who often pay a high price when leaders struggle or fail. It is very important that organisations help leaders get a good start when changing roles. Basing this support on best practice gives the best chances for success.

Egil André, Leader, LO Stat


Ella fills an important gap in HR’s portfolio of tools. There is no other solution for helping managers succeed when they change roles.

Yngvar, SVP HR and organisational developement, Nemko.


The Prepare phase is worth its weight in gold. It helped make it much clearer how I should tackle the role.

Kate, Editor-in-chief, Norwegian Psychological Society


I was a bit sceptical to begin with, but Ella has proved to be very useful, prompting me to move in the right direction. Many of the central concepts in Ella have become our own, adjusted to fit our context.

Mona, Department Manager, NAV


All organisations would benefit from using Ella. The system helps us provide the kind of support our managers need, setting them up for success.

Audun, Chief of Staff, NAV Vest-Viken Region

I found the Ella tool very useful.  I used it for a few days before I started work, and I created a detailed spreadsheet (with various operational information) based on the programme, which enabled me to organize my action plan and questions/goals while learning through the videos about how to be a good manager. The questions and reports provide a good insight on what our strengths/weaknesses are as a team, and as an individual.  The videos are concise and insightful. Setting time aside to use Ella provides time to reflect on myself which is very helpful.

Vina, Certification Manager, Nemko

Att byta roll är risikabelt!

Titta på en video om de risker som ledare möter när de byter roll eller ta testet som visar vilka risker du står inför när du byter roll i ett verkligt eller fiktivt exempel

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