Springboard to success in 100 days!

Springboarding for managers in new roles is about applying Best Practice for how to run the first 100 days as a project, creating strong teams and leaders, driving success together.

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What could using ELLA mean for you?

3 types of people are involved when any manager changes role.
ELLA provides each type with particular benefits. Which one are you?



Manager in new role

Your risk of failure in your new role is bigger than you think. ELLA helps you cut that risk dramatically. You are expected to make an impact in your new role. ELLA helps you make that impact more quickly than expected, in 100 days. Managers in new roles are normally given minimal support. ELLA supports you. Managers in new roles are often relatively unprepared. ELLA helps you prepare effectively, when it suits you.



Boss of manager in new role

ELLA helps you ensure that your managers make a big impact when changing roles. ELLA helps you see where and when you should provide more support to your managers when they change roles. ELLA helps your managers achieve those crucial 'early wins' that prove that the manager is succeeding in their new role. ELLA helps your managers hit the ground running from Day 1.



HR Function/Senior Manager

Up to 40% of managers underperform when changing roles. ELLA changes that, dramatically cutting the costs involved. About 25% of managers change roles each year. ELLA helps them all deliver powerful 'early wins' by Day 70. About 70% of managers changing roles get no support; there is too much else going on. ELLA provides the support they need to succeed. Successful managers make healthy, successful organisations!

Best practice

Use Best Practice to become the best leader you can be in a new role in 100 days.

  1. Day 1


    Start by being Prepared! Most people work to get a new role but then do very little before starting. Why start something so important without preparing properly for it?

  2. Day 14


    You never get a second chance to make that first impression. Make it count. Plan your time. Have things straight in your head. Do the smart things. Use your first 14 days as wisely as possible!

  3. Day 45


    Come together with your team. Understand them, their challenges, the team’s strengths and weaknesses. Set targets for short-term results that will cement your role as the leader of the team.

  4. Day 70


    Achieving short-term results is the best way to ensure success. The team comes together. You shine. Your boss and peers see that you deliver. You prove that you are right for the role!

  5. Day 100


    With concrete success already demonstrated, you can expand your scope. Look further. Raise the ambition level. Tackle more complication.

Watch Mr.T explaining ELLA's Best Practice

A Best Practice is a method or technique that has been generally accepted as superior to any alternatives, because it produces results that are superior to those achieved by other means.

Performance Manager

Example of an ELLA tool.


Performance Manager explained

Evaluating how you are doing each week is a great way to see if you are on track for success. ELLA-users receive an email each week prompting the user to assess their progress. Your performance curve builds up week by week.

Changing roles is risky!

Take a look at a video about the risks managers face when they change roles or you can take the test that shows what risks you face when changing roles in a real or fictional example.

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