ELLA is the digital coach for managers changing roles

Up to 40% underperfom in a new role.
70% say their organisations didn't provide support.
Ella helps managers succeed in 100 days.

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Best Practice solves the problem.

Check out some examples below.


Children are safe

Best practice in child seats solves the problem. Fatalities are slashed.

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Planes hardly crash any more

Accident rates are extremely low due to pilots following best practice.

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Changing roles is risky!

Take a look at a video about the risks managers face when they change roles or you can take the test that shows what risks you face when changing roles in a real or fictional example.

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Success for the cost of a mobile phone

A manager failing in a new role has a direct cost of about 2 years salary. The cost of the team not achieving it’s targets, bad decisions, lost sales, unhappy colleagues etc. is much higher.

The upside of managers achieving success in 100 days in a new role is, of course, massive.

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The most effective approach to leadership development possible!

Success in 100 days sets up strong performance for the 4.5 years a manager is in each role.
Focus on early success hits a lot of managers since 20-25% change roles each year

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