Up to 40% of managers underperform
when changing roles.
We help you beat the statistic!

Our digital support programme, called ELLA, provides the inspiration and practical tools needed to succeed in the first 100 days of starting in a new management role. 

ELLA is based on Best Practice.

Mr T: changing role is risky!

Listen to Mr T as he explains how changing roles is risky.

The value proposition is a no-brainer!

A manager failing in a new role has a direct cost of about 2 years salary. On top of that comes the cost of the team not achieving it’s targets, bad decisions, lost sales, unhappy colleagues etc...

With ELLA you can drastically cut the failure rate. For the cost of a mobile phone, or less, per manager!

ELLA is equally useful for internal transitions as for external recruits.

ELLA is much more than an onboarding programme. It provides real management development. Onboarding is dealt with in 3 of ELLA’s over 30 tools.

The value proposition really is a no-brainer.

What could using ELLA mean for you?

3 types of people are involved when any manager changes role. ELLA provides each type with particular benefits. Which one are you?

Manager in new role

  • Your risk of failure in your new role is bigger than you think. ELLA helps you dramatically reduce that risk.
  • Managers in new roles are usually left to their own devices. ELLA nudges you to success in your first 100 days.
  • Managers in new roles normally start relatively unprepared. ELLA helps you prepare effectively, when it suits you.
  • Organisations normally want results ‘now’. ELLA helps you achieve the crucial ‘early wins’ that build confidence in you.

Boss of manager in new role

  • You are responsible for the success of your managers starting in roles that are new to them. ELLA helps you ensure their success.
  • It’s difficult to really understand how managers are doing in roles that are new to them. ELLA pushes the pace and introduces a predictable structure. This helps you see if, where and when you should provide more support.
  • You need managers to produce results quickly. ELLA helps managers in roles that are new to them achieve those crucial ‘early wins’.
  • Managers are often under-prepared when they start in roles that are new to them. ELLA helps these managers hit the ground running.

HR function or senior manager

  • The surprisingly high failure rate of managers in roles that are new to them is expensive. ELLA helps save significant cost and frustration.
  • Leaders need to prove themselves in new roles. They are in learning overdrive. ELLA reaches all leaders and maximises their learning at that most decisive of times - when they start in a new role.
  • 70% of all learning at work comes through experiences in the job. ELLA strengthens this learning by providing a practical frame for the work leaders do anyway as part of their first 100 days in a new role.
  • Leaders change roles approximately every 4 years. By helping all leaders in such transitions, ELLA helps about 25% of all leaders in your organisation per year become stronger contributors to your strategy and culture.

How to become the best leader you can be in a new role ...in 100 days

The best you can do is to follow the 5 steps to success.

Start by being Prepared! Most people work to get a new role but then do very little before starting. Why start something so important without preparing properly for it?

If you start prepared, you drive your success by following the other 4 steps:

  1. Position: you never get a second chance to make that first impression. Make it count. Plan your time. Have things straight in your head. Do the smart things. Use your first 14 days as wisely as possible!
  2. Unite: Come together with your team. Understand them, their challenges, the team’s strengths and weaknesses. Set targets for short-term targets, cementing your role as the leader of the team.
  3. Results: achieving short-term results is the best way to ensure success. The team comes together. You shine. Your boss and peers see that you deliver – the right person for the role!
  4. Expand: with concrete success already demonstrated, you can expand your scope. Look further. Raise the ambition level. Tackle more complication.

Take a simple test to find your risk profile!

By answering some simple questions, you can quickly determine if you are at risk in your transition. The test consists of 7 simple questions based on best practice. You get a concise report right away.

ELLA, and the test, are equally useful for internal transfers as for external recruits.


ELLA is packed with helpful tools and videos

Each of the 5 steps to success in 100 days consists of a set of tools. These tools structure the work you would need to do anyway.

2 examples are listed below:

Understanding your role

Understanding your role in Prepare phase: Wouldn’t it be good if you had some solid insight into what your targets should be, your organisation’s strategy, and what customers or users want of you…before you start?

Videos guide you through key questions that unlock the insight you need to start right.

Performance Manager

Keep track of your progress on a weekly basis. Are you doing the things that ensure your success?

There are 4 drivers you need to manage:

  1. Learning: the speed with which you learn determines whether you will succeed or fail
  2. Relationships: are you developing enough strong, trust-based relationships?
  3. Achievements: did you achieve anything concrete this week?
  4. Motivation: are you still excited about the role?

Evaluating yourself on a weekly basis also helps you see your first 100 days as a project. That’s the right mind set!